“Go as a pilgrim and seek out danger far from the comfort and the well lit avenues of life. Pit your every soul against the unknown and seek stimulation in the comfort of the brave. Experience cold, hunger, heat and thirst and survive to see another challenge and another dawn. Only then will you be at peace with yourself and be able to know and to say; I look down the farthest side of the mountain fulfilled and understanding all, and truly content that I lived a full life and one that was my own choice”  – James Elroy Flecker, Hassan…The Golden Journey to Samarkand, 1922



Photographer: Richie

A transformation in less than 5 minutes, from a serene knee deep stream to a raging torrent that rang with the sound of shifting boulders and carried away trees.

Location: Borneo

2 Comments on “FLASH FLOOD

    • No it’s a small tributary of the Selongo river, located roughly at 3°14’N, 115° 12’E.

      A little way upstream is a huge waterfall in a slot canyon which cannot be seen from above or below. From above the river can be seen to disappear over the precipice but with no available vantage point to see it fall, attempting to reach its plunge pool from below requires negotiating a long bolder choked slot canyon, with the ever present knowledge that if it floods you would never make it out before a wall of water and debris swallowed you.

      Even the local Penan say they haven’t seen its plunge pool and strongly advice against attempting to reach it, but they say a hunting dog was once washed over the falls and found alive near the spot this photograph was taken.


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