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A little video Homage to my favourite pack, the Hill people gear ‘Ute’; set to Come With Me Now, by the Kongos.

“Any one who hunts big game ought to be prepared to take some chances; and after all, if the element of danger were entirely eliminated, where would the fun come in?” -Frederick Courteney Selous, Travel and adventure in South-East Africa, 1893   The moment a Rhino we are tracking unexpectedly crests the ridge right in front of us. Close quarters, on foot, down hill and up wind of a surprised black rhino; not ideal…. Read More

“I had learnt the satisfaction which comes from hardship and the pleasure which derives from abstinence; the contentment of a full belly; the richness of meat; the taste of clean water; the ecstasy of surrender when the craving of sleep becomes a torment; the warmth of a fire in the chill of dawn.”  -Wilfred Thesiger, Arabian Sands, 1959. The beginning of a solo 4 day walk through the skeleton coast. I carried 12lt of… Read More

“I pondered on this desert hospitality and, compared it with our own… Gaunt men in rags and hungry-looking children had greeted me, and bade me welcome with the sonorous phrases of the desert. Later they had set a great dish before me, rice heaped round a sheep which they had slaughtered, over which my host poured liquid golden butter until it flowed down on to the sand; and when I protested, saying… Read More

At the lowest estimates there are more than five times as many stars in the Universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches of the earth; and more atoms in a single grain of sand than stars in the Universe. The Milkyway and both Magellanic Clouds are visable in this photograph, you’ll notice a shadow around my head caused by tipping my head back a little during the long… Read More

  Location: Omandumba, Namibia Photographer: Dave Wilkinson

Its quite a view from up here: